Woodworker Mentoring


The opportunity to work alongside  practising craftspeople in a lively workshop is well recognised as an important part of  developing as a designer/maker. The opportunity to extend ones ability and develop broad confidence by moving into new areas is facilitated by having access to equipment, advice and experience as and when needed. 

With everything spiced up by working alongside others taking big steps with their woodworking and in a beautiful spot in Nelson/Wellington during the summer how could it not be a fantastic experience!

John is universally respected as a thoughtful advisor and is happy to work through any woodworking issues or problems. He is often asked about:

  • How to get started in woodwork.
  • Setting up a workshop and workshop design, machinery and tool advice.
  • Health and safety, operating machinery safely, dust extraction.
  • Sourcing, storing and drying timber.
  • All types of design and technical problems.
  • Whats the best way to do this?


From Mid January to Mid April, John opens his workshop to woodworkers of all levels seeking advancement and mentoring. 

He offers specific design and technical guidance on your project, especially to help you meet your needs.