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 "I’ve had a wonderful and well supported education in woodworking. As part of my life it has been rewarding to make fine things for others and intensely satisfying experiencing the personal well being that crafting in any medium brings. Importantly It has always been clear to me that being a skilled maker carries a responsibility to hand on those skills to others. 

We all learnt from someone who made the effort to be inclusive with knowledge, be that one to one, in a group, or via books and the web. I love teaching fine woodcraft, so much so that I deliberately create environments and opportunities for myself and others to be a teacher and learn the ways of a fine woodworker. 

Helping people to find satisfaction and a balance in the life they are creating is constantly motivating. Hence this new initiative to bring fine woodworking courses to places around the country. Come and join in.”  

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John Shaw has a unique ability to empower the 'maker' within us all, to approach our work with confidence and sensitivity for the material.
— Lachie, AUS  

"If you’re in New Zealand and have ever fancied having a go at woodworking, this is the man to learn with. I have never met such an inspirational teacher/talented maker.”
— Mia, UK


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From May to December each year, John as a teacher,  offers a wide range of Woodworker weekend courses. These take place throughout New Zealand, and cover all aspects of fine woodcraft.


From Mid January to Mid April, John opens his workshop to woodworkers of all levels seeking advancement and mentoring. He offers specific design and technical guidance on your project, especially to help you meet your needs. 


John has been a Fine Woodworker for over 40 years, developing a full masterful ability and extensive experience in all aspects of the practice. Check out Johns completed Commissions


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Woodworker Mentoring by Appointment Only. 

John Shaw Fine Woodworker